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    Excellence in dry cleaning & business laundry delivery

  • Commercial & Business Laundry Services

    Reduce overall operating costs by outsourcing your laundry services

    Houston linen service, Houston restaurant laundry service

    Professional & Reliable business laundry service

    Banquet halls, restaurants, healthcare facilities, hotel linens, laboratory coats, uniform service, and more

    Outsourcing your laundry can alleviate the capital expenses required to purchase laundry machines, keep up with maintenance, and the continuous payroll costs associated with laundry. We can set up regular deliveries to any business in the Southeast/Central Texas area and help you lower your operating costs and get rid of laundry headaches.

    Houston floor mat service

    Entrance Floor Mats, Linens, & Shop Towel Cleaning Services

    Floor mat & linen rental services

    We provide regular pickup, cleaning, and delivery of entrance floor mats, aprons, mop heads, shop towels, or any other items you need cleaned!


    Better service and lower prices than our major competitors.


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  • A Few of Our Clients

    We provide commercial laundry & dry cleaning services for a wide variety of businesses, ranging in size from local shops to Multinational corporations. Below is a brief sampling of the types of organizations we currently work with:

    Coffee Shops - Restaurants - Bakeries

    We provide rental and cleaning of rags, mop heads, table linens, aprons

    Gyms & Dance Studios

    Cleaning and delivery of towels, including rental and cleaning arrangements

    Healthcare Facilities

    Cleaning of laboratory coats, scrubs, linens, exam room curtains, and various other items.


    Cleaning of aircraft seat covers and other articles

    U.S. Government - Department of Defense

    We are a U.S. federal contractor and provide laundry services for the DOD


    We are a State of Texas HUB Vendor and a Minority-Owned (Native American) small business.

    Spas - Salons - Barber Shops

    Cleaning and delivery of towels, floor mats, linens and other items

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery

    Residential, apartment, and office delivery of personal dry cleaning and la​undry

    home and office dry cleaning delivery

    Home & Office Delivery

    We take the hassle out of getting your dry cleaning and laundry done

    GRX Laundry & Cleaners can pick up and deliver your dry cleaning and laundry to most addresses in Houston, including downtown office buildings, with competitive prices. We provide you complimentary laundry bag(s) and a door hook to hang your cleaning from. It will be waiting for you when you arrive home for the day, or we can coordinate a delivery time that's best for you! We auto-bill your credit card upon delivery, making payment a snap.


    Contact us today to ask about setting up a regular pickup day to your home, office, or business.

  • Home Owners' Association Dry Cleaning Programs

    We provide combined dry cleaning pick-up & delivery services for HOA's and communities all over Houston. We can provide a dry cleaning program for your members that includes discounted pricing and guaranteed, weekly service days.

    Provides Greater Value for your HOA Dues:

    Most Home Owners' Associations require members to pay monthly dues. Many residents dislike these fees, but they are necessary for the community to maintain common areas and provide for services and security for the neighborhood.


    Giving your members a weekly dry cleaning program wherein we pick up their dry cleaning from their front door each week, then return it at a guaranteed time within two days, provides greater value and appreciation for the work you do as your HOA's leadership.

    Discounted Pricing:

    Combined pick-ups and deliveries reduces our cost


    We can pass that savings along to your members, with great pricing that are unmatched by other Houston dry cleaners that deliver to homes.

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  • Commercial Products Store

    The following products are tried and true commercial products that we provide for our commercial laundry clients, which include gyms, restaurants, bakeries, and convenience stores, among others.


    We also sell these products online, and no agreement to purchase laundry services from us is required to purchase these products.

    Gym Hand Towels (Dozen), Premium Quality, 16" x 26" White
    Your gym or health club patrons made your facility their go-to place to get fit. Reward them for their good decision by offering premium gym hand towels to use during every visit.

    These towels are not your "basic" or "economy" towels, which is why they cost slightly more. However, the difference in quality, life span, and customer reaction you will see from these is well worth the additional cost. Nobody wants rough towels that feel like sandpaper! Buy in quantities of 3+ dozen for best value on flat rate shipping costs.

    Color: White
    Weight: 3 lbs/Dozen
    Coming soon
    Apron, full length (black)
    Full length black apron, no pockets. We recommend purchasing in quantities of at least 3-4 at a time to save on shipping costs, which are flat rate.
    Coming soon
    Apron, full length (white)
    These are versatile aprons and come at a very economical price. We recommend purchasing in quantities of at least 3-4 aprons to save on shipping costs, which are flat rate. No pockets
    Coming soon
    Mop head/Single, 24 oz
    These are durable and reliable mop heads for any commercial use. They are compatible with any brand mop stick with the "twist" or "clamp" closure, and will last for many months even with regular cleaning. Dry weight is 24 oz.

    Considering shipping costs, these are most economically purchased in quantities of several or more.
    Coming soon
    Bar Mop Towels (Cleaning rags)/Dozen
    These economical and robust rags are useful for any type of business, from convenience stores to bars & restaurants. They will last through many laundering cycles. We recommend not using bleach, as it will reduce the life span of the rags and cause fraying.

    We rent these to our client businesses and we also sell them here. They are made of 100% cotton and sold by the dozen.
    Coming soon
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