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  • Commercial Laundry & Linen Rental Services

    We provide commercial linen cleaning and rental for a variety of businesses!

    Houston linen service, Houston restaurant laundry service

    Restaurant & Food Service Linens

    We can provide your restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or other food service business with clean, pressed linens on a weekly basis, with no upfront cost to you. Linen rental agreements can encompass table covers, napkins, kitchen towels, microfiber towels, aprons, floor mats, or any combination of these.


    We can also simply clean your owned linens, with no rentals required. All contracts are customized to fit your needs and your bottom line.

  • Healthcare Linens & Laundry Service

    Small to Medium-Sized facilities' linen service

    Clinics - Medical Offices - Imaging Centers

    We can provide regular cleaning of your scrubs, patient gowns, bed linens, and cleaning articles (mops, etc)

  • Industrial Laundry Services

    Coverall Cleaning, Shop Rags, Fire Retardant and Arc Flash Apparel

    Solutions for the Petrochemical, Welding, and Construction Industries

    Industrial work environments, machine shops, facilities maintenance staff, and petrochemical work sites require PPE that is clean and in good condition to maintain worker safety.


    We can provide cleaning and/or rental of coveralls, FRC's, shop rags, and arc flash protective apparel that will enhance your staff's appearance and safety on the job site.

    Coveralls, PPE, Shop Rags, and Arc Flash Apparel

    Fire retardant apparel, arc flash PPE, and firefighter turnout gear require specialized cleaning to maintain their OSHA-compliant safety qualities


    Leaving the cleaning of these articles up to employees, or neglecting to launder them using the proper detergents and methods can lead to workplace injuries.


    Speak with us about your needs and we will help develop a regular cleaning plan that ensures your workers and your company is protected for the specialized work you perform.

  • Gyms & Other Businesses we Serve

    Gym Towel Cleaning & Rental

    Your clients expect clean, soft, and the whitest gym towels to complete their fitness center or dance studio experience.


    Providing your clients with gym towels will enhance your appeal to them and increase client retention and memberships.

    Janitorial & Commercial Cleaning Companies: Mops, Cleaning Articles, Rags

    As a provider of commercial cleaning or janitorial services, you have the task of delivering the utmost in clean for your clients' facilities. To do this effectively, your staff needs clean mops, rags, towels, and dust mops.


    While some companies clean their items in-house, we find that our specialty detergents and chemical additives deliver an exceptional clean. We clean these items for a living, and will deliver them to your facility sorted and ready-to-use.


    The amount spent on laundry equipment purchases and maintenance and payroll to clean your own articles will nearly always be higher than outsourcing the laundry to an experienced, full-service provider such as GRX Commercial Laundry.

  • A Few of Our Clients

    We provide commercial linen & laundry services for a wide variety of businesses, ranging in size from local shops to Multinational corporations. Below is a brief sampling of the types of organizations we currently work with:

    Major Event Facilities

    We have provided uniform/laundry services for multiple Houston event venues, including NRG Stadium, Smart Financial Centre & the Houston Rodeo.

    Gyms & Dance Studios

    Cleaning and delivery of towels, including rental and cleaning arrangements

    Healthcare Facilities

    Cleaning of laboratory coats, scrubs, linens, exam room curtains, and various other items.


    We have experience in the proper cleaning of aircraft seat covers and other articles, which requires the following of strict FAA guidelines.


    We currently work with major airlines to facilitate the cleaning of their cabin upholstery.

    U.S. Government - Department of Defense

    We are an awarded U.S. federal contractor and provide laundry services for the DoD


    We are a State of Texas HUB Vendor and a Minority-Owned small business.

    Spas - Salons - Barber Shops

    Cleaning and delivery of towels, floor mats, linens and other items

    Food Service & Restaurants

    We provide cleaning, rental, and delivery of restaurant laundry articles such as aprons, napkins, table linens, and kitchen towels.


    We can customize a laundry solution for your business that is competitively priced and makes running your business easier!

    Industrial Companies

    We provide cleaning, rental, and regular delivery of uniforms, coveralls, and PPE for petroleum, petrochemical, and other industrial firms in the Houston area.

    Auto Repair Facilities

    We provide cleaning and delivery of uniforms, coveralls, and shop towels.


    We have the experience and cleaning products/detergents to clean even the dirtiest articles from your shop.

  • Marine Laundry Services

    Express, custom laundry solutions for the commercial shipping industry

    maritime laundry services

    Serving port facilities on the Gulf Coast from Beaumont to Corpus Christi - Including Sabine Pass, Port Arthur, Freeport, and the Port of Houston

    GRX Commercial Laundry provides laundry turnaround services for the marine shipping industry. Our staff has TWIC credentials, allowing us to handle the pickup & delivery of vessel laundry dockside and with full Port facility access from the Department of Homeland Security.


    We understand the needs of the shipping industry, from quality of service to turnaround time. Pickup is available on short notice for the Barbours Cut Terminal, Bayport Cargo Terminal, JacintoPort, Nederland, and all other area terminals.


    Fast and flexible turnaround time is key to servicing the marine shipping industry; we can meet or exceed your expectations. Ship agents, please contact us to arrange service for all of your incoming vessels in the Houston area. We will also almost certainly lower your costs versus your previous provider.

  • What does a commercial linen service cost?

    Our linen & laundry service solutions are completely customized for each Client, so the best answer to that questions is that "it will depend on your needs." This is usually the first questions we receive from potential clients, so we've tried to outline how the cost is derived.

    There are a few primary factors that will influence your cost:

    Quantity of Linens

    Of course, the quantity of linens/laundry that you need cleaned is the primary factor in your linen service cost.


    We provide the heavy laundry equipment, trucks, labor, and most importantly, our expertise from years of professional laundry experience.

    Frequency of Service

    Just as much as we are in the laundry business, we are also in the transportation & logistics business as well.


    The frequency of deliveries and other logistical factors are a major determinant in your cost.

    Special Considerations

    Not all towels & linens require the same amount of resources to clean effectively.


    Certain articles, such as heavily soiled industrial and medical linens require a mixture of several specialized chemicals to get them properly cleaned and ready for reuse.


    All chemical products that we use during the laundering process are non-toxic once rinsed from the linen fabric, and will not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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