• A full service commercial laundry and dry cleaning provider in Houston

    Excellence in dry cleaning & laundry delivery

  • Valet Laundry & Dry Cleaning

    Residential, luxury apartment, and hotel delivery of personal dry cleaning and laundry

    home and office dry cleaning delivery

    Home & Office Delivery

    We take the hassle out of getting your dry cleaning and laundry done

    GRX Commercial Laundry can pick up and deliver your dry cleaning and laundry to most addresses in Houston, including downtown office buildings, with competitive prices. We provide you complimentary laundry bag(s) and a door hook to hang your cleaning from. It will be waiting for you when you arrive home for the day! We auto-bill your credit card upon delivery, making payment a snap. We have laundry bags large enough to fit even the largest comforters and duvets. Contact us today to ask about setting up a regular pickup day to your home, office, or business...or just to try us out once! We will send you our pricing.

    apartment valet dry cleaning and laundry delivery

    Multi-Family Property Delivery

    Add a valuable and convenient amenity for your apartment residents

    We can set up a comprehensive dry cleaning and laundry delivery arrangement for apartment and condo properties of any size. Whether your property has 20 units or 400 units, we can give your residents the ability to drop their cleaning & laundry in your leasing office on scheduled days, then have it ready for them in the office 2-3 days later. With added financial benefits for property management and complete flexibility, our service will make a lasting impression on your residents. We can also service and bill residents directly if preferred.

  • Commercial & Business Laundry Services

    Lower capital expenditures and reduce overall operating costs by outsourcing your laundry service

    Houston linen service, Houston restaurant laundry service

    Professional & Reliable business service

    Banquet halls, restaurants, hair & nail salons, hotel linens, etc.

    Outsourcing your laundry can alleviate the capital expenses required to purchase laundry machines, keep up with maintenance, and the continuous payroll costs associated with laundry. We can set up regular deliveries to any business in the Houston area and help you lower your operating costs and get rid of laundry headaches. We offer discounted rates for regular deliveries.

    government laundry contrator

    Linen Rental Agreements

    No large investments in linens or towels, just one simple fee

    Avoid large upfront expenses for your facility by renting linens from us as part of a complete linen service agreement. Instead of paying for all those linens, simply pay one simple invoice weekly or monthly for both the linens and our professional laundering and delivery services. Contact us to discuss your needs - we can utilize all grades of linens from economy to luxury.

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  • Government Contracting

    From county & municipal contracts to state and federal contracts, we will deliver excellent value and efficiency for your agency

    NAICS 812312, NGIP 954 vendor provider


    Please see our sister company's website, GRX Properties LLC, for more information on our government contracting services.

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